About Us

Based in Freeland, Maryland, a short possum run from the Mason-Dixon line, our band was founded by Paul "Butch" Neal, a well-known mandolin player who passed away in 2008 at the age of 92. Butch played over the decades alongside many of the bluegrass greats, but his biggest thrill was passing his musical knowledge on to the next generation. Butch formed our band, originally called "Paul Neal and the Second Generation," as a way to bring younger musicians together to play traditional bluegrass and gospel music. Butch had been quoted in a feature news article as saying "I'll be playing until the day I die," and true to his word, he played with us the evening before his death.

We were honored to learn from Butch Neal. He helped us bring to the stage our love of the music and the joy we experience in playing together. As Butch always said, "Let's get out there and have some fun!" And we do. If you want to hear some great bluegrass music, come out and see the Second Generation Bluegrass Band. Or contact us, and we will come to you.